PayPal China shop list

paypal china shop list
Please find the list of most popular Chinese online shopping websites accepting PayPal payment system in the table below. These are the websites from China that were tested during the time and can be trusted:

Rank Website Free shipping Rating Link
1 aliexpress Free/Paid Shipping rating Visit
2 gearbest Free Shipping rating Visit
3 dealextreme Free Shipping rating Visit
4 banggood Free Shipping rating Visit
5 fasttech Free Shipping rating Visit
6 cesdeals Free Shipping rating Visit
7 newfrog Free Shipping rating Visit
8 lightinthebox Free Shipping rating Visit
9 miniinthebox Free Shipping rating Visit
10 tmart Free Shipping rating Visit
11 buyincoins Free Shipping rating Visit
12 tomtop Free Shipping rating Visit
13 focalprice Free Shipping rating Visit
14 lightake Free Shipping rating Visit
15 geekbuying Free Shipping rating Visit
16 sheinside Free Shipping rating Visit
17 chinavasion Free Shipping rating Visit
18 sunsky online Free Shipping rating Visit
19 tvc mall Free Shipping rating Visit

Chinese online shopping websites accepting PayPal

The number of online shopping websites is growing as popularity of online shopping increases. Even opinion of conservative people who used to avoid online shopping is starting to change. Statistics show that more and more people prefer online purchases. Not only domestic appliances are becoming more and more popular, but also clothes, shoes, jewelry and etc. However, buying over the internet most often is chosen as an alternative for saving time and money. In order to improve shopping experience web-based payment systems such as PayPal were created. This allowed making purchases more convenient and increase service level. For the great variety of e-commerce stores, including Chinese online shopping websites PayPal is the preferred payment method. This makes it easier for customers to shop.

Cheaper. Most web customers notice that payments while using Internet-based payment system is much cheaper. Everybody knows that international wire transfers between banks costs a lot and takes time. Meanwhile, the online payment system is cheaper and more convenient option. It can save a lot of money if purchased constantly.

Convenience. The use of online payment systems is always a good idea, if you shop online often. For example, if you regularly buy clothes, household goods and other goodies, you will definitely want to use PayPal system’s payment account as Chinese online shopping websites use PayPal system for better accountability. Everything has been done right away, just by pressing a few buttons. No more filling seller’s data in the bank account. The system itself generates information about you and the buyer. A few seconds and shopping – done!

Security. Often, people do not trust online payment systems, as they worry about their sensitive personal data. In fact, the payment system will also be responsible against the law and bear full responsibility for the quality of service. Moreover PayPal uses own safety and security polices. It doesn’t meter whether you’re buying, selling, or transferring money, you get an extra layer of security.

Availability. Why is it worth using PayPal? Because it is the most popular convenient and secure payment method offered by online stores. Most likely you will not be able to pay directly through the bank as for Chinese online shopping websites PayPal -is preferred payment system.
PayPal China shop list

16 Responses to“PayPal China shop list”

  1. ED
    February 6, 2020 at 9:40 am #

    This Site is full of LIES…Aliexpress certainly dies NOT and has NEVER accepted Paypal!!
    Aliexpress is FRAUDULENT 2/3 of the sellers NEVER send out their crap! Then they posess the audacity to tell a customer in Germany to check with their post-office…on WHAT? NONE of the crap is sent registered! Customer service (live chat) is impossible to reach, often times they barely speak/understand English and they WILL lie to you!
    The APP works horribly and isn’t concipated to work on cellphone screens!
    For Chinese New Year, the entire company is shut down since 6 weeks…no live chat support, no solutions on open disputes! NOTHING, ZIPPO…SELLERS TELL CUSTOMERS 3 DIFFERENT DATES FOR FINALLY PROCESSING ORDERS PLACED AND P A I D FOR 6 WEEKS AGO BUT STILL HAVE NOT SHIPPED ANYTHING!

  2. victor
    May 19, 2018 at 1:22 am #

    i am using aliexpress almost 8 years i am dealing with them now they accept paypal even no paypal still safe but there is problems there a lot of sellers they lie they took your money in hold like 40 days or more or less wen u purchase the item on list show there is item after you pay they will tell you sorry wait another one month thats funny another issue customer service so terrible to deal with them they are not good helping buyer they do care about sellers more than buyers trust me i been have lots of problems with them till now

  3. January 8, 2018 at 3:38 pm #

    It’s pretty good and all the best .

  4. turid kran
    January 17, 2016 at 11:19 am #

    in doubt about Aliexpress

    Aliexpress has lots of interesting stuff to buy but when I pay with Mastercard they do not use the most secure variety,where we have to write our long security password. I complained about this to Aliexpress and found out it is impossible to complain to Aliexpress itself only about sellers the use Aliexpress but about Aliexpress itself. It was highly frustrating to find out that Aliexpress is not open to feed back about it self since sellers on Aliexpress has fantastic good and the filters are better than any online shop I know of.
    Aliexpress filters shoes in
    narrow feet.normal feet ,wide feet, and very wide feet. That is what many of us need .

  5. no more aliexpress
    October 13, 2015 at 5:57 am #

    Sadly I must say that despite some people would say that aliexpress has its own safety systems that supposed to make you safe – I have been ripped off number of times on aliexpress by dodgy vendors who have great reviews and backed by ali system – although i have been sent wrong or faulty items. Lodged complaints on their very complicated complaint sysytem, just to find out that there was nothing wrong with my order. Ali express . com always stays on vendor side… never on buyer side…
    My WARNING here – forget about

    • Elaine
      October 25, 2016 at 10:04 am #

      I have had several refunds via Aliexpress for broken items or deliveries which haven’t turned up. In my experience they take all things into consideration and make a fair decision. Most sellers will settle with you before escalating to a dispute. Can’t fault AliExpress but do your research on the prices and postage before buying.

  6. MelTourisme
    September 16, 2015 at 6:19 pm #

    And by the way, I find AliExpress Escrow system way more reliable than Paypal.

  7. MelTourisme
    September 16, 2015 at 6:18 pm #

    I was skeptical also towards AliExpress but now I use it solely. I can’t live without it. Thousands of stores at the same place make great competition, great products and unbeatable prices!

  8. Dennis
    September 12, 2015 at 4:01 am #

    I’ve started to buy online through paypal and now am waiting for my product.Between aliexpress,e bay and amazon which one has the best prices in items like phones,phablets,accessories and the likes?

  9. Dawe
    April 6, 2015 at 9:45 am #

    I just canceled order on Aliexpress cause they dont accept Paypal. It is big surprise for me.

    • Ifeanyi Mac-Anthony
      January 13, 2016 at 6:35 pm #

      Hahaha… Aliexpress is the best I have seen so far, where you interact with the sellers and even ask them to give you a discount. When you pay and didn’t receive your goods, you will be refunded.
      I have bought twenty something things from aliexpress

  10. Sylvia
    March 27, 2015 at 11:59 am #

    It’s to bad Aliexpress doesn’t have paypal payment they have such great stuff
    Go on paypal payment Aliexspress ;)

  11. Mel
    March 4, 2015 at 4:07 pm #

    @ David, that site is a scam, I’m surprised that is wasn’t reported yet, in 2013 they ripped me off, I lost over $600 because of them, I reported them to the ‘Internet police’ but I see they have still not been shut down. I will never do business with any online store that does not accept PayPal, PayPal is the safest way to shop online.

  12. WuShaoLong
    December 14, 2014 at 6:54 pm #

    aliexpress no paypal? sad!

    • July 19, 2015 at 11:26 pm #

      Guys l understand your frustration, l always buy protected, that’s why when l don’t see the paypal slogo on any site, l don’t buy anything, how ever some exception must be made to the rules, for example aliexpress belong or is related to alibaba, and as you’ll know alibaba is one of the largest trader in china, a company like alibaba is not going to accept to be paid trhough paypal, neither aliexpress, this kind of company has its own way of security in which they guaranteed any transaction to the buyer, i’ve been skeptic buying on aliexpress, but l decided to give a shot, so l went and bought something, and the shipping was fast and the transaction smooth, lately l am expecting some items from aliexpress. The good things about aliexpress is that you creat an account and you can follow the proccess of your transaction all along the way…

      • Newbie22k
        January 7, 2016 at 5:45 am #

        Aliexpress is owned by the Alibaba Group, they have their own version of PayPal called Alipay. It’s pretty good and very reliable as I have seen Alipay gift cards for sale at my local Auspost office

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