Why is shipping from China free?

Why is shipping from China free? There are a lot of discussions going around online about Chinese free shipping. How can Chinese posting service be free? Are there any online stores in China that will send the goods for free and you will not have to pay any extra cash for the parcel? Why is […]

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Cheap Shoes from China. FREE shipping

One of the most things ordered from China on the Internet is shoes. It’s not surprising as prices for shoes from China are very cheap and the quality meets the expectations. Moreover most of the shops offers cheap shoes from China with free shipping and delivery to the client costs nothing. Now even in ordinary […]

Aliexpress alternative. 20 sites like Aliexpress

Looking for Aliexpress alternative? Thought Aliexpress is offering competitive prices, you should always check and compare the prices in sites like Aliexpress before purchasing. You can find the exact same product cheaper after some digging. Below is the list of 20 Online Shopping Websites – Aliexpress alternatives, which are reputable enough and were checked during […]

Wedding dress from China

It is very important to choose the right size to fit the body shape and find the desired wedding dress when planning a wedding. Some brides fall in love with the first dress they find, others have to work hard and dig deep while choosing and searching wedding dresses. Bellow is the list of Chinese […]

Best online Chinese shopping sites

Shopping online from best online Chinese shopping sites is gaining popularity all over the world and the numbers are constantly growing. Below is the list of best online stores from China that were tested during the time and can be trusted: Rank Website Free shipping Rating Link 1 Free/Paid Shipping Visit 2 Free/Paid Shipping Visit […]

Cheap Clothes from China – Free Shipping

modlily.com rotita Clothes unquestionably are the bestselling product over the internet. When looking for a good value / quality ratio feel free to check online clothing stores from China. Most of them offer free shipping. Bellow is the list of Chinese online shopping websites from China in English where cheap clothes from China could be […]